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Telling you more about The Scotto

Here you will find out more about our prizes, charity and proceeds.

If you ever need more information, please email our Customer Service Team at help@thescotto.com and they'll be more than happy to help.

Our Prizes

Prizes on offer

Jackpot Draw Prize Table

Numbers matchedPrize*Odds of winning
5 Main Numbers (Jackpot) £25,000* 1,906,884

Daily Prize Draws

We also offer daily cash prizes up to £1,000 to be won in our prize draws.

Winners are picked at random, so there's no need to worry about matching any numbers. Plus, with draws every day, there's a chance you could win multiple prizes across the month!

Scotto draw breakdown June 2023
Scotto draw breakdown July 2023
Scotto draw breakdown August 2023
Scotto draw breakdown September 2023

*Winning Prizes revealed daily. Up to £53,000 of prizes can be won by all customers in Spetember. A prize of £1,000 is guaranteed to be won in September.

Prize capping

*We limit the amount paid out in jackpots to a maximum of £50,000 in any one draw. Therefore, if two or more customers win the jackpot in any one draw, we may reduce the jackpot payout accordingly. So, for instance, if five customers win the jackpot in any one draw, each may receive £10,000.

How you might win prizes

Jackpot Draws
When you buy a ticket, you will be allocated five numbers between 1 and 49. Subscription tickets cost £10.

Prizes are won by matching your chosen numbers to those drawn in our draws.

We hold a draw on the last Friday of every month. The draw is determined using a certified random number generator and is observed and validated by at least two members of The Scotto team. Five numbers are drawn.

You must match all 5 main numbers to win.

Daily Prize Draws
Winners are picked at random to win our daily cash prizes.

Our charity

The Scotto supports the charity Jackpot Community Trust.

Jackpot Community Trust has Scottish Charity Number SC052059

Gambling Commission Number 61537


As well as paying prizes to you, we guarantee that from every £10 ticket sold, at least £2 will go to supporting good causes in Scotland.